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How to become a confident coder & land your next tech job

Learn how to get the skills, confidence, experience employers are looking for.

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June 23rd @ 3 pm ET

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Next Live Training:

June 23rd @ 3 pm ET

At the next LIVE Confident Coder Masterclass, you'll learn...

Do you have what it takes to become a confident coder capable of earning six figures or more?

In this live masterclass training, Dr. Emily will walk you through the exact steps you need to follow to get over the hump and start getting the dream job offer you've been looking for.

Whether you're just getting started or have been on the job market for what seems like an eternity, we'll show you exactly what you need to know - which languages, which tools, which frameworks - and share exactly how we guide our students to consistently land job interviews and offers.

The only way for a coder to get production-level experience is by working on a team to deliver software at scale – something in short supply in most degree programs & bootcamps. Experience with the tools and technologies programming teams use in their staging & deployment process is critical to success at the technical interview. After all, anyone can say they know these tools, but have they used them? Can they talk about their experience with them in the high stakes environment of a job interview?

Join us in this free training where we'll cover what employers expect you to know about deploying web sites & apps, and learn how you can fast-track your hands-on experience with these technologies before your next job interview.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to be one of the 0.04% successful job applicants

    who get invited to interview instead of the 99.6% who don't.

  • Exactly what tech skills employers are looking for and the best way to learn these languages, tools, and frameworks so your skills are always current for the job market.

  • The fastest way to gain experience and confidence to shortcut the tech interview process.

  • Why watching coding tutorials stops you from gaining the practical skills you need to improve, and what to do instead.

  • Why the top software companies in the US no longer require a computer science degree (Every tech recruiter knows this).

  • Why do some developers get stuck in a $50k job for years while others enjoy earning as much as $100k+ in their first year as a developer.

Discover The Proven Roadmap to a Rewarding Software Engineering Career

A month-by-month breakdown of what to focus on to secure your dream career in as little as 6 months.


Our exclusive 6 Figure Coding Career Blueprint

Meet Your

Software Developer Mentor:

Dr. Emily Hill, PhD

Dr. Emily is a software engineering trainer and a tenured professor with 3 computer science degrees. After 10 years of watching universities and coding bootcamps fail to prepare their students for software engineering jobs, Dr. Emily made it her mission to train aspiring software developers.

Thanks to Dr. Emily’s breakthrough teaching methods, hundreds of her students learn to build software faster and land six-figure developer jobs at Tech Startups and industry giants like Amazon and Chase.

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"Truly Prepared Me for A Career in Software Engineering"

"Dr. Hill's courses have truly prepared me for a career in software engineering. Many projects I participated in within those classes were key discussion points during interviews. During my first few months on the job, I was able to fall back on knowledge gained from Dr. Hill's classes to help inform my decisions and complete my assigned tasks.

Dr. Hill's courses are a great introduction to the world of computer science and software engineering. They are taught at a pace that accommodates individuals of all skill levels / prior knowledge and always incorporate real-world use cases for the concepts being taught."

Andrew C.

Software Engineer @ Amazon

"She Believes In All of Her Students' Potential"

"I always felt supported by Dr. Hill. She believes in all her students' potential and invests in building our confidence as young technologists. She was always willing to share her personal experiences, candid advice, and contacts.

The real projects we completed truly prepared me for programming at the enterprise level."

Ida B.

Software Engineer @ Chase

Get Hands-On Software Engineering Experience

Join and discover a proven learning path to a successful and rewarding software development career. Aspiring coders have spent thousands of dollars to access this information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the event hosted?

The Masterclass is hosted virtually. Once you confirm your ticket, you will be sent a link to the private Zoom room where the event will be held.

Can anyone attend?

Absolutely! This masterclass is perfect for those who enjoy solving problems and are looking to upgrade their career. This event will benefit those seeking to change careers, apply for remote tech jobs, or launch their own tech startup.

Other questions?


"Dr. Hill’s python course enhanced my problem-solving skills"

"Dr. Hill’s python course enhanced my problem-solving skills, which is very important for my career and life. Her mentor style helped me think through & solve puzzling problems. I still remember some of the exercises five years later!

The project experience helps a lot. It was the first time of doing a software engineering project for me. I learned how to design the back-end system and user experience. More importantly, collaboration with teammates and communicating with clients prepare me for future challenges."

Daniel X.

Former Student

"Her courses as engaging and interactive as possible"

"Dr. Hill did an amazing job making her courses as engaging and interactive as possible. Almost every interviewer I've had has asked about a project I've done for Dr. Hill's classes, and they were always very interested! If you're unsure about taking any of Dr. Hill's classes, you won't regret it!

Dr. Hill's software development course played a huge role in my college and early career as a professional. Having no internship experience coming out of college, it was this project and others like it that really helped me in getting the opportunities I did."

Jennifer B.

Former Student

Next Live Training:

June 23rd @ 3 pm ET

Our Mission

Join us live to learn the 4-step process to land your next tech job.


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